Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To Change the World Campaign – Through Five Core Principles Part 13

Step 4 is Support

This is where the Body of Christ must provide the support system necessary to encourage, uplift and provide financial resources when needed.

Many have been called and are ready to go. I’m sure they don’t fully understand the role and purpose of a media missionary, but they are ready to begin the journey. They need our support. Without it, they will probably fail. First, they need their family behind them. A supportive word of encouragement can go a long way. They need to know that their family members believe in them. What they don’t need is to be ridiculed because they want to go the entertainment industry as a media missionary. All of us need to realize that in the culture we live in, God is creating new avenues and opportunities for ministry.

Second, what is a really big deal is for the Church to embrace and support media missionaries. The Body of Christ can be the difference maker. Being called to be a media missionary should be recognized as just as important as being called to be a teacher or pastor. It must be accepted as a legitimate calling of God.

And finally media missionaries need financial support, especially during the first two years. Hollywood and the entertainment industry is a tough business to break into. Most fail because they do not have the initial support necessary to survive the first two years. A media missionary’s best strategy is to raise financial support before going into the industry. The home church can serve as a base of operation. Individual members of the Body of Christ could offer support for as little as $20 a month. The Church could support the media missionary by providing financial resources just as they already do for foreign missionaries. Other groups in Hollywood already use this strategy. They have a message they want to get out. So they support future filmmakers as well as fund projects that support their agenda. Is it working? Absolutely.

Neal Gabler in his book, Life The Movie, views the American culture as if it has taken on the characteristics of a movie. We have all embraced show business as if we are playing a role and long for our moment of celebrity. He argues that it is not politics or economics but entertainment that “is arguably the most persuasive, powerful, and intrusive force of our time, a force so overwhelming that it has finally metastasized into life.” This is from a secular writer. So if art has become life, and life has become art, why are we, as the Body of Christ, not recognizing this and responding? Don’t you think we need media missionaries?

I have laid out a strategy and a plan. Currently, only a few of those who have been called are making it all the way into the entertainment industry as media missionaries. Most are failing for an assortment of reasons. We will increase the number of media missionaries if we decide to raise them up, equip them, train them and support them. Until then, it’s a hit or miss approach.

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