A Toxic Culture

Over the past few decades, the media/entertainment industry has emerged as the most influential, driving force within our culture. Media and entertainment constantly deliver glamorized images, which help to promote violence, promiscuity, sex, alcohol and drug abuse, materialism and exploitation—the very issues plaguing today’s society. In fact, USA Today described our current culture as a culture gone toxic.

In reality, media has now created a culture capable of dismantling society’s basic concepts of morals and values.

Reseeding the Culture

How can we impact and influence our culture? By reseeding it with a Biblical worldview through mainstream media and entertainment. We need media missionaries, who are dedicated in their passion for Christ and their passion to create media and entertainment that reflects Biblical values.

What is a Media Missionary?

A media missionary is an individual who has been called by God to the mission fields of mainstream media, Hollywood, and the entertainment industry.

One of the best definitions of a media missionary is when your work becomes an act of worship to the Lord. A media missionary’s goal to redeem and reform the media.

How do we do this?

We do this by living out our faith in front of our peers and by creating media that is thought-provoking, socially redemptive and, above all, truthful. A media missionary understands the power of the redemptive story and has the ability to influence what is on the screen and also what is happening behind the scenes.

What is Flannelgraph Ministries?

Flannelgraph Ministries is a nonprofit (501c-3) Christian organization whose purpose is to raise up media missionaries to the mainstream media and entertainment industry and to empower media professionals working within the current mission field.

We provide media education, resources, and training from a Christian perspective.

We offer resources to the church concerning the importance of media and its impact on our culture and the body of Christ.

Flannelgraph Ministries produces content for the web and other applications, which provide on-line training and supports the work of media missionaries who are working in the industry.

We Believe

• In a Biblical worldview where Jesus is the Son of God and through Him we have eternal salvation.

• That media is neither negative nor positive. It is how we use it and which message we choose to communicate.

• Jesus was the Master Storyteller. He gave us a blueprint for storytelling through His parables

Our Vision

• We acknowledge media as the driving force in our culture and believe it has become the new “church” for our society.

• We accept Hollywood as a valid mission field which needs to be redeemed.

• We believe we should pray for Christians and nonbelievers working in the entertainment and media industry.

• We are committed to raising up, equipping, and financially supporting media missionaries to work in the mission fields of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.



The ultimate website dedicated to the work of the media missionary.

MediaMissionarySchool.com presents videos of interviews with current media missionaries and explores role they play in creating a positive change in our culture. The site includes production tips, relevant news updates, educational literature, job postings, film reviews, and resource recommendations.
It is also the place where we have an ongoing discussion of the role and purpose of the media missionary.
MediaMissionarySchool.com is a place of community and belonging for aspiring media missionaries.

High School Film Camp

We offer a 5-day summer film camp for high school students. The camp provides a complete experience in the filmmaking process from script-to-screen. Each team member will have the opportunity to write, direct, produce, shoot, edit, and act in their own productions.

The camp is facilitated by media professionals who understand what it takes to work in the industry. These camps are designed to be hands-on and use the latest technology in digital filmmaking.

Our program provides an opportunity for students who are serious about pursuing a career in media. We believe the program builds the experience, confidence, and leadership skills necessary for success in the industry and in life.

Workshops and Seminars

We offer workshops and seminars to organizations, community groups, home school co-ops, and churches on media-related issues that impact the Church and society and how they influence our lives.

Possible topics include media literacy, worldviews, Hollywood as a mission field, and the Heart of God in the entertainment industry.

We also offer half-day programs on basic production skills.

Club Night

Club night is the place where individuals, who have an interest in media and film, can explore their passion and love for the art. Clubs meet monthly throughout the city.
On club night, we screen a current or classic film and discuss its technical and artistic merits as well as its spiritual application. Clubs are a great opportunity for you to discover your calling as a media missionary.

Future Programs

Advanced Film Program

We also offer a 12-14 week program, which is open to all ages. This program is an expansion of what students learn during the Summer Film Camp. Participants get a more in-depth look at the process and create a longer, more complex production.

School of Media Missionaries

School of Media Missionaries is an 8-10 week program for students who believe they are being called to be a media missionary. The program offers a practical view of the role and purpose of a media professional who works in the mainstream media and entertainment industry. Courses include Media Literacy, The Heart of God in Hollywood, and Worldviews

Media Center for Training and Equipping

The ultimate vision for Flannelgraph Ministries is to build a media center for the development of future film, television and media makers. The new center will be located near downtown Cincinnati. The center will offer both faith-based and non faith-based programs. The new facility will be a state-of-the-art media center featuring the latest in video and audio technology. One of the media center’s primary objectives is to create after school programs for middle and high school students. The new center will provide opportunities for low-income students and families. Currently those opportunities do not exist within the community.

The program is based upon three principles: First, it is relationally focused. We believe the key to learning is through mentors with an emphasis on apprenticeships. Second, it is learning focused. Learning has to be fun and interesting in order for students to be fully engaged. Our after school program will create an environment where students have a love of learning and the ability to understand how to learn. Thirdly, it is personal development focused.

Students need to learn what it takes to be successful in life whether or not they ever work professionally in the media industry. We believe each student needs to grow as a person and to gain confidence, experience and leadership skills in order to contribute to society.

The media center will also offer evening and Saturday classes for adults 18 years of age and older. Classes will include an introduction into the basic principles of media production. We believe this is a great opportunity for those individuals who are seeking a possible career in media. The purpose of the program is not to be a film school but to explore opportunities for those who did not go to college or are looking for a second chance.

Students who complete the program will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment. The center will also house our summer film program for high school students, an advanced media program and the School of Media Missionaries.

The media center could possibly be open as early as September 2012.

A Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record. Over 25 interns have received college credit for completing our past internship programs. We have worked with over 10 colleges and universities, including University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University,Bowling Green University, and Kent State.

Along with 30 volunteers, over 50% of our interns and volunteers are now working professionally in the media, television or film industry.

Our students are working for major cable outlets, including ESPN and the Discovery Channel, as well as major production companies both locally and nationally. They have worked in all areas of production, including roles as actors, writers, directors, cinematographers and producers.

We have also helped our former students to continue their pursuit of higher education. For example, one intern and volunteer without any educational background in film studies was accepted in a Masters Film Program at Regent University. This was accomplished after an extensive one-year program we developed.

In the past three years, over 70 students have attended our high school film program. Currently, one student is now studying at UCLA’s College of Cinema Studies. Two other former students were accepted as production assistants on a recently shot motion picture. For high school students to have this type of opportunity is unprecedented.


First you can pray.

• For the work of Flannelgraph Ministries
• For Christians and nonbelievers working in the
   entertainment industry
• That media missionaries will be raised up
• That resources will be provided for their training and equipping

Second, you can volunteer. We can always use more help and welcome additions to our team.

• As a Teacher, Instructor, Mentor
• Marketing Assistant, Graphic Designer
• Office Support, Accounting, Communications
• Producer, Videographer, Editor, Sound Mixer

Thirdly, you can provide financial support. If God is directing you, consider supporting these efforts by:

• Becoming a monthly supporter or providing a yearly contribution
• Hosting an event at your home
• Inviting your friends whom may have an interest in this ministry to become a supporter

We believe that many working together can make a significant impact. Take a look at these examples of what your contribution may provide.

• $500 can pay for one student to experience a week long film camp or attend a semester of Media Missionary School training
• $2,000 can pay for a full year of weekly club meetings
• $5,000 can sponsor the first Advanced Film Program
• $10,000 can sponsor MediaMissionarySchool.com web support and marketing for one year
• $40,000 supplies the equipment and man power to produce multiple educational video series for MediaMissionarySchool.com and DVD.

All contributions are tax deductible. Flannelgraph Ministries is a 501C-3 nonprofit organization.

You can give online at http://mediamissionaryschool15.blogspot.com/2010/10/welcome-to-media-missionary-school-from.html or mail a check to:
Flannelgraph Ministries
7364 Cumberland Circle
Florence, KY 41042

For more information check out the website mediamissionaryschool.com or call

You can leave a legacy for tomorrow’s generations that cannot be erased.