Monday, April 5, 2010

The Journey—Welcome to the Revolution, Part 5

I’m sure you don’t see yourself as a revolutionary, but if you are a committed follower of Christ, that is exactly what you are. You are a dangerous person. Revolution is about change. I’m sure you would agree that our world is in need of a significant change from our current system. I’m not talking about political revolution or even cultural or social revolution. This isn’t about electing the right candidate or banning books or movies or even unplugging the cable box. We need change that will impact people’s hearts and minds and will cause us to reevaluate everything in our lives. If you are like me and are not happy about the current direction of our culture and society, then you are looking for answers.

People today are resistant to Christianity or, at the very least, indifferent. It’s safe to say that Christianity is no longer making a difference. God has lead me to write a book, A Media Culture, Crisis or Opportunity, The Rise of the Media Missionary (A Media Culture), in order to provide answers and resources on how we can change our world. Yes, I said it. I believe we can change our world with God’s help and direction. If you are looking for answers, this is your book.

But real change won’t start with changing the world first but with changing the way we approach the media and our response to it. God wants to do a work in all of us. And I believe the keys to unlock the answers we need will be found in this new book. We need a new, revolutionary way of how we view God at work in the world. This book will provide insights in how he is at work in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

A Media Culture is not a negative book attacking the media but a positive book. The issues we face are more complicated than sexuality, violence, nudity or bad language. This book will be an eye opener and will challenge everything you think you know about today’s media culture. In fact, your response to the media culture crisis will have a direct impact on your effectiveness on your ministry and your personal journey as a Christian.

Who is this book for? It’s for anyone who cares about the current state of Christianity or your personal relationship with Christ. It’s for those who are fed up and frustrated with our inability to bring real change to our society. It’s for anyone who may consider themselves a media missionary. Before you go to Hollywood or work in the media, you need to read this book. It’s also for anybody who wants to make a difference. A Media Culture provides real answers and solutions and not just rhetoric or a rehashing of what’s wrong about today’s media.

This book takes a look at today’s new emerging media church and why so many people are having a deeper and more significant encounter with God at the movies than they do in church. A Media Culture takes a hard look at the status of the Body of Christ and why it must change its current course. We are talking about a different kind of revolution, a blueprint for real change. It is a book of hope for our times.

For the past several years, we have been looking for answers. Many have talked about how bad the media is. Still others say we must embrace Hollywood as a mission field. While still others have called for the Body of Christ to pray for Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Until now, no one has put all the pieces together and created a complete mosaic. A Media Culture is the first book that offers a complete and comprehensive look at the forces behind today’s media culture. It is a blueprint for every Christian and a call to action to show where God is at work and how we can join him in his efforts.

Join the revolution by reading this book. It will change the way you see things forever. I’m convinced you will not be the same. A Media Culture will be available in the next few months. You can help by praying for the resources that will be necessary to bring this book to publication. I am looking for someone who can assist in the areas of marketing and promotions. I am also in need of a publicist and a social networker. We want to get the word out about A Media Culture. Feel free to email me at

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