Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Joneses

Sometimes a movie will surprise you. I have seen thousands of films over the years, and I usually feel like “I have seen this movie before”. Where’s the originality or the willingness to explore new territory? So I had little or no expectations when I took a look at the new film, the Joneses. I expected this film to be nothing more than a silly or stupid comedy with a heavy dose of sexuality thrown in for good measure.

The Joneses stars veteran actors David Duchovny and Demi Moore. You might remember Duchovny from his days as Fox Mulder in the X Files. Demi Moore was the highest paid actress during the 1990s with big hits such as Ghost, Disclosure, and A Few Good Men. Both actors have had less than stellar performances or opportunities in recent years.

The Joneses could serve as a comeback of sorts for both David Duchovny and Demi Moore. Their performances prove that they still have what it takes. Both were engaging and delightful, while being personable. In fact, The Joneses is a solid movie with an unpredictable story line. Although, it is not a faith-based movie, it does offer a cautionary tale about the ugly side of the American Dream. Without giving away too many details, the plot goes something like this: David Duchovny plays Steve and Demi Moore plays Kate, his wife. Steve, Kate and their two teens move into an upscale neighborhood. They seem to be a perfect reflection of an all-American family with a beautiful home and all of the accessories in life. But do they have a hidden agenda? Or are things as they seem? What follows will surprise you as the film takes a U-turn most audiences will not expect.

The Joneses is a film worth checking out. I’m surprised it didn’t gain more attention. It debuted in September during the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. It received mostly positive reviews. It’s hard to understand why it received only a limited theatrical release and made only $1.4 million domestically.

I have a difficult time understanding why good films that have something important to say don’t receive more support. The Joneses is worth your time and effort. I must caution you that it does contain some language and sexuality, which is obviously inappropriate for younger audiences. But the positive elements of this film clearly outweigh the negative content for more mature and discerning audiences. It is currently available on DVD.

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