Friday, December 9, 2011

Need Versus Wants

In today's world of media, there is no space between programming, advertising, media, branding, entertainment and marketing. Consequently, every form of media is designed for you to want something. We have confused needs with wants. Today’s media makers have decided that the most important message is to convince us that our wants must be satisfied. Our interests come first above all else. In fact, today’s modern media culture would not function as it does if we were not convinced that the world revolves around our interests and wants.

What is the difference between a need and a want? Does media affect my buying decisions? How does buying things make me feel? Luke 12:21-31 says, And don’t worry about food—what to eat and drink. don’t worry whether God will provide it for you. These things dominate the thoughts of most people. But your Father already knows your needs. He will give you all you need from day to day if you make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.

God knows our needs. But the media, in order to be successful and profitable, must convince us that our wants far exceed our needs. They tell us that we cannot be good consumers without putting our wants first. We must recognize the strategies that the media culture promotes; otherwise, we will never make the Kingdom of God our primary concern. Is our mission in life to accumulate wealth and power? According to the media, it is. They say it will offer you the greatest opportunity for happiness. Or does it? Media is not interested in proving a product’s value, but in proving your inadequacies without the product. Today’s marketers are selling a lifestyle, and they want you to buy into it.

Today’s media has created a culture around brands and products; therefore, they are selling a culture or a media culture and not a product. We need to be aware of how ideas are being sold and the basics of persuasion. Images have combined to create new myths by using humor, machoism, friends, family, fun activities, nature, sexuality, animated characters, celebrity and wealth to sell us on the idea that our wants far exceed our needs

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