Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kirk Cameron's "Monumental" out on DVD July 4th

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It's just been announced that Kirk Cameron's documentary, Monumental will be released on DVD on July 4th. It explores the roots and history of the United States in a bid to get to the root of what's ailing the soul of our nation. The documentary marks Cameron's debut as a producer and host.

In a synopsis written by the filmmaker, Cameron explains his impetus for the project:

"It’s the richest, freest nation the world has ever seen. Everyone wants to live here. But as I look around, I’m left with a sinking feeling that America is losing her way. Big time. The soul of our country is sick, and history shows me we are headed for disaster if we don’t change course now....Here’s my hunch: Could it be that we have simply forgotten what made us such a great nation in the first place?"

The film follows Cameron on a journey through space and time as he travels as far as England and Holland to trace the journey of the nation's first European settlers. His journey culminates with a visit to the lesser-known landmark of the Pilgrim Monument in Plymouth.


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