Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Look at Hope Bridge


On the outside, the Spangler family seems like a very normal, busy, successful family. Michael, a father and paramedic is focused on community service to the small midwestern town, Robin runs a very successful family real estate business. Daughter Lilly has it all together on a tennis scholarship at the local university and Peter is a senior in high school seemingly poised to graduate and move on to college.

Things are not always as they seem when the family is riveted by Peter's attempted suicide after a series of traumatic events in both school and personally. This event strains the relationship in the family and causes all of them to question themselves.

Ultimately, the family comes to grips with the reality of their son's condition. This rerouted journey begins their new path toward understanding and healing from tragedy. The film culminates with a fiery call to action to start breaking down the stigma of mental illness and suicide. This engaging message is intended to empower the audience to save and impact lives by looking for the warning signs of suicide and being proactive by gaining knowledge and taking action to help.

Our aim is to take the "mess" of suicide and make it a message of hope through God's unfailing love. Suicide MUST be stopped, the stigma MUST be lifted...ONE MORE LIFE LOST IS ONE TOO MANY!

Production Company: InFuse Pictures

Screenwriters/Executive Producers: David & Christi Eaton
Director: Christi Eaton
Producer: Harold Hay


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