Thursday, November 29, 2012

Smells Like Community Spirit


Oliver Stanton, a recent escapee from corporate America, just bought a bowling alley in the smallest small town he could find- Scarberry, Ohio.

A few days after turning on the lanes, Oliver’s quaint getaway is undermined when he discovers that retail giant, Mega Value Mart, has plans to open their newest store right in the middle of the town’s most beloved property, Chautauqua Park.

Oliver is joined by a whimsically eccentric cast of Scarberry’s “finest” in a battle to preserve the park and his new way of life in this screwball comedy of municipal proportions.

Starring: Scott Docherty, Ashley Boehm, Comedian Mat Thornburg, with Joe Boyd (Hitting The Nuts, A Strange Brand of Happy), former Ben-Gal Cheerleader Melissa Scalia, and nearly all the members of improv comedy troupes Q-City Players, The Middle Child, and The Grapes of Laugh.

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