Friday, January 4, 2013

Christian Movie Connect Episode 54 – Jackie Carpenter

Georgia native, Jackie Carpenter, is a top inspirational writer. Although she never intended to become an author, Jackie has become a major resource for people facing a crisis in life. Jackie has miraculously taken the crisis in her own life and wove it into the dramatic and heart-wrenching story, “The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and A Miracle is Psalm 91.” She’s also written, “Georgia Justice: A Journey To Faith,” a remarkable guide on how to build faith when overcome by doubt, depression and tragic events. A sought after speaker, Jackie is a major part of the Speaker’s Bureau with Christian Women in Media Association.

In this interview, Carpenter talks with CMC host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, about her new movie, “A Cry for Justice,” based on her amazing true story depicted in her book, “Georgia Justice: A Journey To Faith.” Carpenter shares that the movie has been a divine vehicle for God to provide hope in the hearts of people when there seems to be no hope—a true story supernatural faith.

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