Saturday, April 27, 2013

Joe Boyd – Pastor, Actor, Director, Producer

Joe Boyd is a pastor turned actor turned filmmaker. He grew up in the midwest, went to Cincinnati Christian University to become a pastor and started a church in Las Vegas, He now works full time as the President of Rebel Pilgrim Productions and part-time as the Teaching Pastor at Vineyard Cincinnati. His upcoming romantic comedy, “A Strange Brand of Happy” releases in theaters this fall.

So, Joe, what led to you as a pastor getting involved as a film actor?

A few years after planting my church in Las Vegas, I was depressed. Something wasn’t working. My wife saw this and gave me a Christmas gift that changed my life forever – improv classes at the Second City training center. Within two years of that first class I was working six nights/week on the Las Vegas Strip as a comedic actor.


What are some of the film acting roles you’ve played?

I’ve had a pretty typical acting journey. Lots of small parts in big things and big parts in small things. I had a small recurring role on General Hospital. I starred in the poker-themed comedy “Hitting The Nuts”. Currently I am the lead in “A Strange Brand of Happy”, which I also produced.

What has been your favorite film role?

I wrote, directed and acted in “Hitting The Nuts”. It is an improvised mockumentary similar to a Chris Guest film. By far, the most fun I have ever had in my life. I hired my friends and I think we created a very funny movie. It is coming out this summer through Cinetic Media. It’s not a Christian movie…kind of a PG-13 comedy with a heart.


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