Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Real Center of Power

It is impossible to deny the power, size and scope of today’s media institutions. They are the pillars of today’s media and entertainment church. Five multimedia conglomerates dominate and control the cross-promotion and selling of today’s media culture to our society. CBS Corporation, formerly Viacom, Time Warner, NBC Universal, Walt Disney and News Corp produce over 80% of media and entertainment produced in North America.

Each company has its own film, broadcasting, news cable outlet, publishing, internet, and music interests. Combine that with over 700 motion pictures being produced in Hollywood yearly and 300 broadcast and cable networks and you can understand the magnitude and power of today’s media. In fact, the real center of power no longer resides in Washington D.C. It can be found in the boardrooms of these five multimedia conglomerates. They can dictate what is important as well as what is not important. Their decisions not only influence culture but also make culture.

Our society and culture have created a symbiotic relationship with media and entertainment. They are dependant on each other. In some ways, we find our value and purpose in the media we consume. It helps to define who we are as a person. Our identity is therefore a part of the relationship that we have with our entertainment and media choices. We are what we consume. The real nature of this relationship can be found in the roots of consumerism.

Media and entertainment are tied to the marketplace of ideas. However, in reality, there is only one idea that fuels this relationship. That is the buying and selling of media and entertainment produced by the five major multimedia conglomerates. This idea becomes a religion because it promotes a lifestyle and a belief system that enables us to see the need and the desire to embrace whatever entertainment and media they market and promote

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