Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hope Bridge - Day 7

Today featured more night scenes. We also moved back to Lawrenceburg from Camp Nelson where we shot previous night scenes at a closed bridge over the Kentucky river.

A few days ago one of the crew members made a comment that sorta stuck with me. He said Hope Bridge feels like a road movie. I have to agree. We are moving around a lot. Although we may not be making Rain Man, a film that featured a road trip from Cincinnati to Los Angeles, our main character, Jackson, played by Booboo Stewart, is undoubtedly on an emotional and spiritual journey.

Part of the reason why it feels like a road movie is because a number of scenes take place in a traveling vehicle which, I might add, is not easy to shoot. Last night during the wee hours of the morning, Jackson and Sophie, played by Rebecca Robles, drove around the empty streets of Lawrenceburg and vicinity; however, they really were not driving. The crew spent several hours rigging their vehicle on an auto transport. The vehicle was then towed with a camera mounted on the side of the vehicle. All of this is done for safety purposes. The actors don’t need to concentrate on driving. After all, we want them to concentrate on a good performance.

Preparing the car also means hiding lighting sources so the lighting seems natural. As I said, it takes a lot of time and effort to make this work.

Earlier in the evening before the driving scene, cast and crew descended on Stoneridge Street to the surprise of the local residents. It was a last minute change. Like everybody in Lawrenceburg, the residents welcomed us with open arms.

Over at Betty White’s house across from our shooting location, it seems like the entire neighhood gathered to watch the action. Betty said it was exciting to see a film crew. She never imagined it would ever happen on her street. All the neighbors seemed to enjoy themselves as a spontaneous party broke out. After the scene was completed, several of the residents joined Booboo Steward and crew for a picture-taking session. To tell you the truth, everybody on this film is having too much fun.

Meantime, back at the production office, the production assistants or PAs had some downtime after a very hard week on the job. They took a much-needed break with a few games, fellowship and, of course, a song or two.

Tomorrow night is another night shoot before our day off. Hopefully, everybody can get some much-needed rest on Sunday.

More to come.

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