Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hollywood Connect

Until recently, if you were a Christian who wanted to come to Hollywood and pursue a career in film or television, you were, for the most part, on your own. But, over the last few years, a number of Christian-based ministries and organizations have popped up in the L.A. area to serve the needs of Christians who are entering the entertainment industry. One of those ministries is, a web-based ministry that provides resources and information about where to find housing, job opportunities, classes, workshops and how to navigate around the Los Angeles area.

After nearly a year in development, has revealed its revamped and redesigned website. If you have used the old website, you will find this one easier to use, more interactive and far more engaging. There is more media now available to browse through. And you now have three options. You can watch video clips, read articles or listen to audio files. There are several interview clips with working Christian professionals who discuss the ins and outs of working in the entertainment industry. I’m sure there will be more clips added in the future.

The new redesigned site also offers a timeline approach on how web material is organized. It’s broken down by three sections: your arrival in Los Angeles, how you survive in the industry as a Christian, and a section that tells you how to thrive in the industry. As always, there’s an abundance of resources on this site that deal with Christian community, spirituality, and ministries that serve the needs of Christians in the industry.

Pay close attention to the Navigation Section for events, training and workshops available in the Los Angeles area. Quarterly, provides newcomers to the industry with what they call their Navigation Sessions. These are usually hosted by industry insiders and take place at Hollywood Presbyterian Church on Saturday mornings.

Bottom line: If you are thinking about pursuing a career in television or film, this website is a must. Even if you are in high school or film school, begin now to learn from the material they offer. There is no better place on the web that will provide you with practical information about the mechanics of living and functioning in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. But, more importantly, they provide information about fellowship opportunities and spiritual connections that are essential to your growth as a media missionary working in the film or television business.

Obviously, cannot answer all of your questions or provide you with every resource you need, but it is definitely the best starting place you will currently find. My advice is to start using the website on a weekly basis even if you are not planning to go to Los Angeles in the foreseeable future.

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