Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Media Church Part 3

Finally, the church of media and entertainment is a legitimate church because it shares many of the characteristics of our own Christian tradition. That includes having a god, an experience, structure, a belief system, an ultimate truth, worship, community/fellowship, customs and rituals, a sense of purpose, a vision, a bible, a place of origin in history and a hierarchy.

 A God

The church of media and entertainment has many gods which could include technology, movies, a director, an actor or could more likely be yourself. You determine who your god will be. But whatever choice you make, he will be on your side and interested in meeting your needs. Your god is accessible and available at all times.

An Experience

Members in this church seek a profound experience. It can be found in technology, consuming media or making media. They seek a relationship with the experience; therefore, they want it to be interactive so that they are a part of it. The experience should be capable of meeting and fulfilling whatever the emotional need.

Structure, Belief System and Ultimate Truth

Members in this church are looking for answers. In one way or another they are asking questions about the nature and purpose of life. Media provides the structure in which they can ask questions. Although there are many belief systems expressed in media and entertainment, it is possible to find one that fits into your philosophical approach to life. Beliefs can be expressed in movies and on television or any other new form of new media. By consuming media, they are looking for an experience which will lead to some form of truth.


Worship can take place any time, anywhere. Worship is an act of praise or honor to a god or gods. Worship can also be defined as being in the presence of your god or gods. Members of the church of media engage in the act of worship when they interact with any form of media. This can happen at a movie theater, at home or in front of the internet. Worship is continuous and ongoing.


Members of the church of media and entertainment have a profound need to be connected--to be a part of something which leads to social interaction. Fellowship can occur not only while watching media but talking about media. What was your experience? What do you think the movie was saying? What did you think about the character? Social media provides the perfect framework for the need to engage in community and fellowship.

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