Sunday, February 13, 2011

Media Missionary School TV

On February 7, 2011, we shot a pilot for our new television program called Media Missionary School TV. Our host, Bekka Prewitt, interviewed yours truly, Harold Hay. I had an opportunity to talk about my new book, The Red Pill, The Cure for Today’s Mass Media Culture. The book will soon be published by Amazon and will be available for sale through their website.

Media Missionary School TV is an exciting and innovative concept. The program will feature compelling stories about Christians who work in the mainstream media in Hollywood and the broader entertainment industry. There are stories that have never been told concerning Christians who are living a missional lifestyle and making incredible contributions to further the cause of Christ in the world of media and entertainment. Media Missionary School TV will also explore issues concerning the media and how it impacts all of us on a daily basis.

Future programs will be shot in Los Angeles as our own Bekka Prewitt will be moving to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting. Bekka will serve on the front lines as a true media missionary. This puts her in a unique position to talk to fellow actors, directors, producers, and writers about their relationship with God and their careers in the entertainment industry and how the two work together.

Media Missionary School TV further plans to partner with other Christian entertainment ministries in Hollywood to tell their stories to a national and international audience. We hope to inspire young people to seek careers and opportunities to become media missionaries.

The pilot will serve as an introduction. Later this month, Media Missionary School TV will be traveling to Nashville, Tennessee, for the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. We plan to meet with several representatives from the national networks to discuss distribution. A total of four specials will be produced in the first year. Each one-hour program will run quarterly starting in late June or early July of 2011.

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