Friday, March 18, 2011

Cracking the Hardest Nut

Any independent filmmaker will tell you that producing your movie is only half the battle. The real war starts after you pack up the camera. Sure, it’s been an accomplishment shooting your movie. But now what?

The hard battle is finding a distributor whether that’s theatrically or straight to DVD. You want to find an audience. It’s a real disappointment after the fundraising and your hard work to finish your movie to realize that only you and your friends will get to see it. But the fact is, that’s a reality for many low-budget filmmakers.

In August of 2010, several of my closest friends, whom I worked with over the years, shot a full-length feature film. At the time of production, they had no distributor. I have good news for you. Today I can report that Hitting the Nuts will be available for sale on April 15, 2011.

The producers have launched a new website,, where you can pre-order the DVD. You can also see an extended trailer and other related information about the movie. Hats off to all of their hard work and effort in making this a reality.

Isaac Stambaugh deserves an enormous amount of credit. He served as First Assistant Director and Production Manager for Hitting the Nuts. The truth is, it’s usually somebody behind the scenes that makes things work. He squeezed every dollar out of the budget to make this movie appear to be a much larger production. Also, special recognition to Mark Denney for his outstanding cinematography, which helped to elevate the overall production. I certainly don’t want to forget Bekka Prewitt, who served as the Second Assistant Director. She kept the set orderly and on schedule.

Hitting the Nuts has done extremely well in the film festival circuit. It won the Best Feature at the 2011 Derby City Film Festival and won the Audience Choice for Best Feature Film at the 2010 Cincinnati International Film Festival. If you enjoy comedy, especially improv and mocumentories, you should check this film out.

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