Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The New Emerging Visual Movement

I think all of us are looking for our own unique tribe. In other words, people who “get who we are” and understand what motivates and drives us. They understand our passion. Why? Because they identify with us and are made from the same cloth (so to speak). At times, I have felt that I was the only one passionate about visual storytelling and a missional approach to life. Finally, I believe I have found my tribe.

During my recent trip to Los Angeles, I was invited to meeting at the Los Angeles Film Study Center where visual communicators from all over the world gathered. This group is called The Visual Story Network. This coalition believes the world is increasingly visual. That’s why they support a “visual movement”. The Visual Story Network believes the language of the 21st Century will communicate through the language of visual story.

Mediamissionaryschool.com is now a part of The Visual Story Network. Our goals are the same. We advocate for the need for visual story in the Body of Christ. We believe it’s important to connect and collaborate together in order to tell stories that will impact a world audience for the Gospel. We also believe in the need to equip God’s people in the use of visual story. The Visual Story Network is a coalition of ministries and organizations of like interest who are committed to work together. It’s obviously a very ambitious goal.

I’ve worked in ministry for over 25 years. I hesitate to make broad statements, but my experiences have taught me that often people of God talk about unity and the need to work together but fail at actually putting it into practice. A friend of mine back in my hometown for years ran a nonprofit faith-based ministry where he encouraged cooperation and collaboration among diverse Christian organizations. At first, people were willing to talk and work together. It wasn’t necessarily theology that derailed such efforts, but it had more to do with ownership. As organizations would share resources and equipment, at some point, each organization wanted to have their own identity and exclusive use of resources. To put it another way, they just went out and bought their own equipment. The result was a duplication of services, a needless waste of God’s money.

We need to do better. If we have any hope of fulfilling the Great Commission in the 21st Century, it will be through visual storytelling and cooperation. That’s why I am excited about The Visual Story Network. They have no other agenda except to promote a global movement for visual story for the Kingdom of God so that every person on earth can experience a life changed by Jesus.

These are exciting times. We now live in an age where it is possible to reach every person on this planet. The only question remaining is can we put aside our own agendas and join together in that effort. If you want to know more, please check out The Visual Story Network’s website at visualstorynetwork.org.

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