Friday, January 6, 2012

Community Spirit Set for World Debut

Smells Like Community Spirit, will debut at The Derby City Film Festival in Louisville, KY on February 19, 2012, at 2:30 p.m. The film was shot in the summer of 2010 in and around the Greater Cincinnati Area. Smells Like Community Spirit is the directional debut of Ashland, Kentucky native, Isaac Stambaugh, who also wrote the screenplay. Stambaugh is a graduate of Ohio University and is best known as the producer and director of The Zone., a weekly television program which aired on over 200 television stations in North America. He also produced the sketch comedy TV show, Get Real TV, which aired on several major networks. Recently, he was production manager and the first assistant director on several film projects, including Hitting the Nuts and the upcoming A Strange Brand of Happy, which features Academy Award winner, Shirley Jones.

Smells Like Community Spirit is somewhat a labor of love for Stambaugh. He’s always dreamed of doing a quirky comedy. The film had a budget less than $2,000 and was shot on two Cannon DSLR cameras. Stambaugh was successful in getting the film made with the help of a volunteer cast and crew. It was shot in only eight days; however, the results are amazing to say the least. The film appears to have a budget that’s comparable to most low-budget features. The world premier during the Derby City Film Festival will give the movie going public an opportunity to see what determination, creativity, and low-budget principles can accomplish.

The film is about Oliver Stanton, a recent escapee from corporate America. He has just bought a bowling alley in the smallest town he can find—Scarberry, Ohio. But only after a few days of getting his new business in operation, Oliver’s quaint get-a-way is undermined when he discovers that the retail giant, Mega Value Mart, has plans to open their newest superstore right in the middle of the town’s most beloved property, Chautauqua Park. Obviously, things get a bit complicated.

Oliver is joined by a whimsical, eccentric cast of Scarberry’s finest in a battle to preserve the park and his new way of life in this screwball comedy of municipal proportions. Smells Like Community Spirit stars Scott Docherty, Ashley Boehm, Mat Thornburg, and Joe Boyd.

Stambaugh is hopeful that the film’s exposure at the Derby Film Festival will be a first step in securing a distribution deal. He also hopes that a positive word-of-mouth, along with favorable film reviews, will also push the film forward. Just like everything involved in this project, the marketing and promotion will also be a grassroots effort. With that in mind, Stambaugh has launched a website to help promote the film. You can check it out at

Tickets will be available for purchase to view the movie on February 19th at the festival.

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