Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Leonard - The Story of Salvation Mountain and Leonard Knight" Documentary

By Cheryl Wicker
Christian Movies Examiner

Forty years ago, a troubled drifter came to believe he was called to tell the world, “God is love” and created the colorful desert artwork known as Salvation Mountain in his quest. Documentarian, Patrick Rea, who has been chronicling the life of the folk artist, Leonard Knight, since 2007, began a Kickstarter funding campaign for his documentary film “Leonard” on April 5, 2012.

It was just as the world’s most famous hobo “went viral” as a result of his cameo in the film, “Into the Wild" that Rea was captivated by Knight’s story. After capturing nearly 50 hours of footage over the past four and half years, Rea is seeking the funds to finish his film through the now infamous crowdfunding site, which has selected Rea’s film “Leonard - The Story of Salvation Mountain and Leonard Knight” for a 40 day internet funding campaign.

After twelve years, Knight who is affectionately known as “Leonard,” tried one last time to launch his “God is Love” hot air balloon, from the remote desert squatters camp of Slab City, near the Salton Sea, in 1984, and failed. He decided to stay and find a different way to honor God, and after decades of trials, developed engineering innovations with natural materials. The structure that resulted is now known as Salvation Mountain, the largest adobe art Installation in the world. To date, over half a million people have visited the mountain and listened to Leonard talk about God.

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