Friday, April 20, 2012

Media Training Commences

It’s always exciting to start something new. There are all sorts of possibilities and opportunities to explore. Here at The Bridge Community Church, we’ve launched our new media ministry. Several volunteers are now involved with training. It’s a good group who is eager to learn and get things up and running. Their dedication and commitment are definitely going to pay off in the months ahead.

We want to thank the leadership of The Bridge for taking this huge step forward. I have no doubt that the work we have embarked upon will have a major impact in the Kingdom of God. The bottom line is we want lives impacted; therefore, the media team is dedicating our work to help support the vision and mission of The Bridge Community Church.

I want to thank John Calhoun for teaching our camera workshop on the Panasonic HVX200A. John worked with me at both Victory Videos Ministries and UndergroundZone. He is one of the best videographers and editors in our city. Currently, John works at the Vineyard Community Church in the video department.

Our students were given an opportunity not only to learn about basic camera operations but were also presented with a hands-on approach. We learned about aperture, iris, light balance, work flow, how to set up and tear down a tripod, audio inputs, and many other functions of the Panasonic camera. For many of the students, it was their first chance to work with high-end, professional gear. Who knows how many of them may actually go on to have a career in either the film, TV, or media industries?

But more importantly, we also talked about the spiritual applications of media making. After all, it isn’t just about shooting pretty picture. The big question is: Why do this in the first place? We spent our first session talking about the importance of media and the impact it is having on our culture. We want to know what God has to say about all of this. I think for many of the students it was an eye-opener. The truth is if you are going to change anything, particularly in today’s modern culture, it most certainly will be through visual storytelling. In the weeks ahead, our students will come to learn and understand this important truth.

We’re building a team of media makers who are going to want to change and impact our society through visual arts. After all, we’ve moved from a word-based to an image-based society. In order to fulfill the Great Commission and be a witness for Christ, we must use media to communicate our message to a world that is looking for hope and redemption.

As I said, it’s not just about pretty pictures. Media is powerful. John showed us how to use the camera, Hopefully, we’ve laid a foundation on how to use it effectively to communicate our message. We think that something exciting is beginning here at The Bridge Community Church.

We ask for your prayers and support in the weeks and months ahead as we take our first steps in establishing The Bridge Media Team.

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