Saturday, May 26, 2012

Megachurch the Series

MEGACHURCH© is a new comedy series from award-winning director -MK- and produced by Gamma Pictures.

MEGACHURCH© is set in a huge Christian church and will focus on the COMEDY and DRAMA of the inner working and politics inside the “church”. Anyone familiar with “mega-churches” knows that they are very much like small cities, complete with facilities, programs, leadership…and a wide gambit of “saints” and “sinners”.

MEGACHURCH© will take a realistic yet humorous look inside the “church”, from pews to potlucks, long hair to blue hair, the haves and have-nots, the twice-a-year crowd to the “Jesus freaks”. It’s time to get real, be honest and be able to poke a little fun at ourselves. Come on, we all know there’s a buch of crazy stuff that goes on behind church doors. The series is designed to present a realistic image of our Lord Jesus…despite the example of His people.

Producer/Director: -MK- (Matthew Kilburn)

•Award-winning Filmmaker
•Social Media Guru
•Branded Entertainment Producer
•Biola University 1985 – Christian Education


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