Monday, May 7, 2012

Today’s Rant

I used to be a fan of cable news networks. But, frankly, they are making me lose my lunch. News networks are supposed to report the news. They used to do something called journalism. You remember. Investigative reporting. But is that what we are being offered today? If you watch MSNBC and Fox News, you would think we were on two different planets. Both networks have turned news into entertainment for our amusement. Neither seems interested in reporting the news but would rather tell us what the news means as if we are not intelligent enough to figure it out on our own.

Do you remember the truth? I’m not sure either network really cares about the truth other than to promote its own agenda. Fair and balanced? You’ve got to be kidding me. Whether the news is from the right or the left or Democrat or Republican, it is now all about spin. I’m not saying that everything on these networks is necessarily unfair. But it seems to be the general direction each is headed. It’s just part of our culture and a reflection of the media culture that we live in.

Would you really watch if you didn’t have people yelling at each other? I realize that conflict drives story. But we are talking about things that impact the future of our nation and the welfare of our children and grandchildren. This is important stuff. It’s so frustrating to see people get criticized who want to sit down and have an actual dialogue or discussion. Compromise had become a dirty word. The news networks seem to be interested only in demonizing the opposition.

What sacrifices are we willing to make to turn a profit and increase audience share. We must demand a return back to real authentic journalism. Let’s start reporting the news without spin and analysis. I often hear people talk about taking back our country. What about taking back fairness and just reporting the news.

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