Tuesday, June 5, 2012

HARDFLIP Is Truth on Wheels

From Angela Walker, Contributing Writer

Remember, a review is just one person's opinion. Up front, let me tell you this is a film to go and see. You'll enjoy the skateboarding, you'll be touched by the story, and you'll probably go home thinking about some similar situations in your own life. That's what a good film does - it reflects life back to us and makes us think. HARDFLIP will entertains you, moves you, and maybe help you deal with some of your own issues.


Caleb Jones [Randy Wayne of TO SAVE A LIFE] has no father and a mother who's working two jobs to make ends meet. His goal in life is to become a sponsored skater and get away from it all. When his mother becomes ill, he's forced to deal with her illness and his own lack of responsibility. When he finds some old love letters, it sets him off on a quest to locate the father he never knew...who lives in the next town.

When tragic circumstances seem to bring the father and son together, Caleb pushes his father away, angry and hurt that he has never been part of his life. Caleb's story reminds us what can happen when we let go of our anger and pain and become willingto forgive those who've hurt us most, just as God forgives us.

Superb Filming

Johnny Remo has already proven his ability to capture great sports footage [CUTBACK], and HARDFLIP is a great follow-up. With skating sequences that could be an advertisement for ESPN, he shows his mastery of the camera with a fast-moving subject. From a technical and production standpoint, he improves with each film. A minor complaint is that I could tell you exactly when stunt skaters were performing vs. the actors playing the skaters, because we only saw them from the hips down. Every time. Surely there's another way around that?

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