Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Putting their faith in film: ‘Jackson’s Run’ feature begins shooting in Southern Indiana

By Tom May

Lights. Camera. Action!

Don’t be surprised if you hear those words as you are driving around Floyd and Clark counties during the first two weeks of June.

Southern Indiana is providing the backdrop for “Jackson’s Run,” a movie written and produced by two Hoosiers — Chris Robinson and Daniel Lennox. The movie follows the coming-of-age struggles of Jackson and the turmoil it causes to those closest to him. The film weaves a thread of faith into its real-life tapestry and fits the genre carved out by such recent Christian movies “Fireproof” and “Courageous.”

Christian movies like these normally have a couple of strong weekends at the box office, but usually draw nowhere near the numbers that a major studio release would garnish. The Christian movie industry looks to perform a much deeper ministry through DVDs and supporting materials. The movie provides the basis for worship and small group experiences. Discussion guides, curriculum and devotionals accompany the release of the DVD.

Robinson said churches are already inquiring about the availability of such material and support for the “Impact Challenge” — a significant church outreach described in the movie. The real goal of the movie is to encourage people to look to God in the midst of struggle and difficult times. Faith provides the direction when the path seems hidden.

But even Christian movie producers know there are no “HOLLYWOOD” letters carved into the hillside leading up to Floyds Knobs. Why choose a setting near Jeffersonville for this story?

Robinson, a Floyd Central and Indiana University Southeast grad, explained it was a combination of his interest in his home area and the fingerprints of God.

“I am not one who sees God directing every step of my life, but the way he brought Dan (Lennox) and I together and the way he cleared the path for our partnering with Eastside Christian Church was humbling,” he said.

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