Friday, April 1, 2011

The 86 Club

Congratulations to my good friends, Chris and Monica Human. This weekend is the grand opening of their new music venue, The 86 Club. Nobody deserves this opportunity more than Chris and Monica. They are they salt of the earth—the real deal. I’ve met a lot of people in ministry over the years, but nobody is more hardworking and dedicated to their calling than Chris and Monica.

I know The 86 Club will be a success, not because the club will attract a lot of people, but because of Chris and Monica’s hearts. They truly love and care for people. The 86 Club is a place where you will find not only entertainment and music but also friendship and community. There are a lot of people out there looking for answers and a place to have a discussion. I have a feeling that through Chris and Monica, God’s presence will be felt in this new venue.

The 86 Club is located in the heart of Clifton near the University of Cincinnati at 2820 Vine Street next to the fire station. Most people refer to this area as Short Vine. The club is a nonalcoholic venue for ages 16 and up. It is everything you would expect to find in a club but with an uplifting presence. The 86 Club will feature live music on two stages. They also will be serving an assortment of drinks, snacks, and food. The club is open Friday and Saturday night from 8:00 p.m. to midnight.

Chris and Monica have worked extremely hard to make this a reality. You might remember them as the directors of the old Underground. They have been dealt a difficult hand but have bounced back. Please support their efforts. If there’s a ministry in this city that is positioned to have an enormous impact in the lives of high school and college students, it will be The 86 Club and The 86 Ministries. For more information about the club, check out their website at

Amazingly they have accomplished this with no major financial backing. Let’s pray for Christ and Monica because they have not only put their heart and soul into this project but also their own personal financial resources.

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