Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On the Other Hand

Most of us have seen the 1971 film, Fiddler on the Roof. Do you remember the scenes where Tevye learns that his three daughters, Tzeitel, Chava, and Hodel, have chosen whom they will marry. In each case the situation gets worse because it challenges Tevye’s concept of tradition. He has a discussion between himself and God. He continually used the phrase “on the other hand” as he makes the argument for tradition as it applies to marriage, but then states the case for his daughters’ happiness in his conversation with God.

We too have that same discussion with God as we look “on the other hand” between two contrasting viewpoints or situations. We have all been there. Two months ago, I published my first book, The Red Pill, The Cure for Today’s Mass Media Culture. It was an enormous burden that was finally lifted. On one hand, I’m excited about the possibilities and opportunities that this book will lead to. Who knows what will happen? What doors that might be opened. Each day is a new day filled with anticipation. Sounds good, right?

But on the other hand, there is a great amount of apprehension. Yes. I got the book published, but I still lack the promotion and marketing to get the word out. Over all, I am still lacking the resources necessary to get the ministry on a solid foundation. So here lies my paradox or on the other hand. I can say on the positive side that I have a book, but on the negative side I have no resources or funding. How I see this in my heart and mind will be a major deciding factor. Is it victory or defeat?

Which one do I listen to. And which one do you listen to in your life because I’m sure we all have some kind of dilemma to face. We constantly have an ongoing internal argument. Do I have the faith to stand despite the circumstances? Do I believe God has called me to do a certain thing no matter how difficult or impossible the situation seems to be? Which side will win the argument. We know all things are possible through God. But there is still worry. I would be lying to you if I told you that some days seem hopeless.

However as Scarlett O’ Hara said from Gone With The Wind “after all, tomorrow is another day”. Anything is possible. Right ?

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