Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Coming Soon - Media Missionary School

Two years ago, Flannelgraph Ministries launched Media Missionary School. The only problem was we didn’t have a physical home. As a result we had to do workshops, seminars and film camps all over the city. Finally, our prayers have been answered. Within the next few months, we will be opening our new facility at 1530 Tremont Street, Cincinnati, Ohio in the old Lunkenneimer building

The historic structure is currently under renovation and will house a diverse group of businesses and ministries. Future plans call for the establisment of an artist community in which media missionary school will play a major role.

This is an enormous opportunity. Media Missionary School is a pioneering effort offering a new approach to training and education for those interested in pursuing careers in the media and entertainment industries. The new center will include office space, classrooms, a production studio, a kitchen, and future student housing.

Initially, production workshops and film camps will be offered in 2012. Also, Media Missionary School will launch a new program designed to help churches become visual storytellers and communicators. Our Church Media 101 workshops will be designed to introduce both the technical and artistic techniques that are needed to create media for both inside and outside the Church.

Our goal is to raise up, equip, train and support future media missionaries entering the mainstream media and entertainment industries. In order to do that, future plans call for an extensive 3 to 6-month comprehensive training program. Students will live, work and create media in a community environment. We certainly want to emphasize the hands-on approach to media making, but we are committed to the development of the messenger and the message as a priority which will be needed to change and redeem culture. Our program is based on a holistic approach which includes the mind, body, soul, spirit and the heart. We’re interested in helping students to become visual storytellers for global outreach.

Media Missionary School’s primary goals are education and missions. That’s why we are a completely unique organization. There are many ministries that help and support foreign missionaries, but there are none that offer practical, spiritual and emotional help for media missionaries. That’s all about to change. If Hollywood and the broader entertainment industry is a mission field then, obviously, we need missionaries.

Today’s cinema has often been called the new church, and our filmmakers have been called the new priests. Media Missionary School is designed to develop Christians who are committed to become the new priests who will be equipped, both spiritually and professionally, to work in the new church of media and entertainment.


  1. Looks pretty cool. Keep me posted.

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