Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Red Pill - Book Review

There is typically an "us and them" mentality when it comes to followers of Christ in Hollywood. In this book the writer Harold Hay has done an excellent job of providing a framework by which Christians and Church leaders can begin to understand the dynamics at play in producing mainstream media. Of which their creators have an enormous shaping influence on beliefs, values, and cultures around the world. He also emphasizes the need for the Church to invest time and effort into actually understanding those who are shaping our culture rather than wholesale abandonment of them and the shows they produce.

For anybody who is considering a career in the mainstream entertainment industry this book will help you think through the struggles you will likely face on a daily basis and how you can prepare ahead of time for the journey. I particularly like the author's "formula for success" used to evaluate what it takes to "become successful" in motion pictures and TV, which accurately and sometimes hilariously identifies key character traits and choices that must be addressed before risking it all to make it in Hollywood.

By Kurt Tuffendsam. Kurt is a filmmaker who lives in Burbank California. He has spent the last ten years working in the mainstream entertainment industry, as a producer, post supervisor and editor of feature films.

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