Monday, August 15, 2011

JC Schroder Shares His Thoughts on His New Movie, Forever’s End

The psychological thriller Forever’s End has just completed its principle photography here in Cincinnati. I recently had an opportunity to sit down and talk with JC Schroder. He served as the film’s producer, director, cinematographer and writer. You might remember JC as the founder of the Oxford International Festival. He started his career in Cincinnati and has since moved to Los Angeles.

I asked him about his latest movie Forever’s End and why he decided to come back to Cincinnati to shoot it. He said the budget made sense for the Cincinnati area because he could stretch his money further here than in Los Angeles. Plus he had the perfect locations which worked for the film. This is JC’s directorial debut as a featured film director. He’s been busy since he moved to LA doing music videos, commercial projects, short films, and working on other film projects in a number of roles. He considers Forever’s End his chance to move to the next level.

He described the film as an Alfred Hitchcock type psychological thriller. The film unfolds as Sara, the lead character, hasn’t seen a living person in six years. The film is set in a post-apocalyptic world where apparently Sara is the only surviving soul left on the planet. But surprisingly, Sara’s sister and other people start to appear. The question is is Sara insane? Has the world truly experienced a catastrophic event, or is it in Sara’s mind? Or are the people appearing to her nothing more than a figment of her imagination?

JC says the film starts slowly but builds with intensity and tension. The audience really never knows what’s happening. He further says Forever’s End is essentially a character piece. "I love building characters and allowing them to interact with each other". JC also says "Forever’s End has a mood and atmosphere much like last year’s critically acclaimed Winter’s Bone".

Forever’s End has already lined up distribution. Rivercoast Productions will handle the domestic distribution for the home video market. JC also believes the film will receive a limited theatrical release.

JC plans to submit the film to Sundance, Toronto, South by Southwest and other major film festivals. He expects the film to be in theaters by the middle of next year. JC believes Forever’s End will be successful because he picked the right story to fit his budget. “The production values will look like the film cost millions of dollars.” He was determined not to sacrifice the entertainment value of the film due to budgetary concerns.

I had a chance to see some of his work, and it looks outstanding. Forever’s End is a film that you will want to keep on your radar screen. I have a feeling this could be JC’s big break.

JC Schroder is a Director and Producer of award-winning independent film, live event, and commercial media productions. He is the key producer and owner of Star Com Productions LLC, a Los Angeles-based production company formed in early 2000. As a continually growing company, Star Com was restructured in 2009 (moving main offices from Cincinnati, Ohio where the company was founded, to Los Angeles, California) and now has three primary divisions: Film & Television, Live Events, and New Media production.

Over the past decade Schroder has produced more than 35 film and television productions (from commercials and music videos to independent short and feature films) as well as written and directed over a dozen more, including PCFMF’s 2008 Gold Medal winner “Freedomland” and PCFMF’s 2009 Gold Medal winner “The End of All Things

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