Saturday, November 12, 2011


Media Missionary School is currently building our new media and training center at 1530 Tremont Street in Cincinnati, OH. This facility will be unlike any other media training facility in the country, and we can use your help. What do you have around the house or in your office that you would be willing to donate? YOU can make a big difference in getting this new center open.

Media Missionary School and Flannelgraph Ministries is a faith-based, nonprofit 501c3 organization; therefore, all contributions are tax deductiible. So can you part with that 50" plasma televison or that stereo receiver? We would like to give you  the opportunity or the excuse to upgrade to a newer model. And what about all those DVDs you've watched that are now collectioning dust? We can put them to good use. Take a look at our list, and see if you can help us out. Feel free to call 859-918-6220 to arrange drop-off or pickup details.

Needed Resources (donated)

4 Wide-screen 40” plus HD TVs
3 wide-screen 32” HD TVs
4 - 5.1 stereo receiver/amplifiers
4 Stereo speaker systems which include right/left/center and 2 back speakers
4 Blue-ray Players
4 DVD players
1 portable projection screen
1 video projector
16 studio light cams
Lighting grid
1 video switcher
4 sound mixers
1 single SLR camera
3 Hewett Packard desktop computers
3 Apple computers
1 printer/scanner/fax machine
1 paper cutter

Office supplies

6 high-back swivel chairs
1 large conference table with 8 chairs
6 – 72 inch bookcases
12 long slim wood-top tables
50 cushioned folding chairs
Lighting, lamps
3 small couches/love seats
3 comfy chairs
3 coffee tables
5 wall clocks
3 computer desks

1 refrigerator
1 stove
1 microwave
1 toaster oven
1 vacuum cleaner

Assorted cookware, dishes, utensils

1 water cooler/cups
1 coffee maker
1 toaster

Food supplies, coffee/creamer/sugar/sweetener, tea, hot chocolate, salt/pepper shakers, non-perishable food

Cool art work with an entertainment vive
Movie posters and memorabilia
Movies, DVDs and Blu-Rays

Cleaning supplies, mop, broom, bucket, etc.
Bathroom cabinet/supplies/towels

Gift certificates and gift cards
Airplane miles

Drywall, carpet, building materials

Human Resources

Cleaning crew
Construction/carpet layers
Graphic design artists
Web developer
Information technology specialist

Teachers/instructors in the following areas: directors, screenwriters, producers, editors, director of photography, production managers, camera operators, actors

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