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What is Flannelgraph Ministries and Media Missionary School?

Flannelgraph Ministries is a (501c3) Christian organization whose purpose is to raise up media missionaries to the mainstream media and entertainment industry and to empower Christian media professionals working in Hollywood and the broader media and entertainment industry. Flannelgraph Ministries and Media Missionary School’s mission is to develop visual storytellers for global outreach. Our goal is to reseed culture by injecting a Biblical worldview into mainstream media and entertainment.

Our Message

Our message is to redeem culture and change the direction of our society. We must train media missionaries in order to inject Biblical principles into mainstream media and entertainment. We do this by influencing the content as well as personally living a missional lifestyle that impacts the people around us.

The Plan

What we are doing now.

Film Camps – We offer a 5-day summer film camp for high school students. Our camps provide a complete experience in the filmmaking process from script to screen.

Web Resources – provides resources on faith, media and culture, including videos, interviews, film reviews, production tips, news, and movie trailers.

Friday Night Flicks – Each month Media Missionary School screens contemporary films, studio blockbusters, independent features, as well as, classic cinema from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Film night provides an opportunity to enter into a discussion and dialogue about the meaning of movies and how they impact us.

Media Classes – We offer a full range of classes, including camera operation, cinematography, editing, low-budget filmmaking, media literacy, script writing, etc. Seminars and Workshops – We offer seminars and workshops to organizations, home school co-ops, and churches on media-related issues that impact Christians, culture and society.

Publishing – The Red Pill, The Cure for Today’s Mass Media Culture is our first book. It offers a comprehensive plan on how we can impact culture through the media.

What we are planning to do in 2012

Storytellers Media Training Center – By opening our new facility at 1530 Tremont Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, we will be in a position to better serve our students and future media missionaries. Our new facility will include classrooms, edit bays, and a production studio.

New Volunteer Opportunities – Our new site gives volunteers new opportunities to serve in the areas of production, administration, web development, mentoring, teaching and training.

Film Camps – Our new facility will provide a better environment to conduct film camps. There will be two beginner camps for high school students and one advanced high school camp.

Church Media 101 – Our new site will allow us to better serve and meet the needs of the Church by providing specialized training in church media. We will conduct a four week class three to five times per year.

Classes and Training – Storytellers Media Training Center provides a central location where ongoing classes and training can be conducted more efficiently. We will conduct eight to ten events, including several all-day Saturday workshops on “Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Movie on a Shoestring Budget”.

Future Plans – Media Missionary School plans to produce cost-effective and quality feature films that will allow our students a hands-on and real world experience. Our six-month live-in program provides a unique opportunity where students will function as a community to learn the role and purpose of becoming a media missionary.

We are primarily committed to the development of the messenger as well as the message. Our program is designed to support the media missionary on a practical, spiritual and emotional level. At the end of the six months, our students will be equipped with the necessary skills to work in the media and entertainment industry.

We plan to publish our second book, The Media Missionary, The Roadmap for Hollywood Success.

How Can I Help?

Please consider making a financial donation (a one time or monthly contribution)

Give in-kind donations such as couches, chairs, desks, flat screen televisions, computers, etc.

Donate your time to help with construction and cleanup.

Volunteer and offer your expertise in areas such as marketing, graphic design, web development, accounting, teaching and mentoring.

Consider hosting an event or party at your home where we can present the vision of Media Missionary School to your friends and family.

Consider having Media Missionary School come to your church to speak and teach on issues concerning media, faith and culture.

Encourage your church to become a monthly supporter by adding Media Missionary School to your mission support.

Consider purchasing The Red Pill, The Cure for Today’s Mass Media Culture. A special rate is available for 20 or more books.

You can provide contacts. Who do you know that might have an interest in Media Missionary School?

And remember to pray for Media Missionary School.

Needed Resources (donated) 

4 Wide-screen 40” plus HD TVs
3 wide-screen 32” HD TVs
4 - 5.1 stereo receiver/amplifiers
4 Stereo speaker systems which include right/left/center and 2 back speakers
4 Blue-ray Players
4 DVD players
1 portable projection screen
1 video projector
16 studio light cams
Lighting grid
1 video switcher
4 sound mixers
1 single SLR camera
3 Hewett Packard desktop computers
3 Apple computers
1 printer/scanner/fax machine
1 paper cutter

Office supplies

6 high-back swivel chairs
1 large conference table with 8 chairs
6 – 72 inch bookcases
12 long slim wood-top tables
50 cushioned folding chairs
Lighting, lamps
3 small couches/love seats
3 comfy chairs
3 coffee tables
5 wall clocks
3 computer desks

1 refrigerator
1 stove
1 microwave
1 toaster oven
1 vacuum cleaner

Assorted cookware, dishes, utensils

1 water cooler/cups
1 coffee maker
1 toaster
Food supplies, coffee/creamer/sugar/sweetener, tea, hot chocolate, salt/pepper shakers, non-perishable food

Cool art work with an entertainment vive
Movie posters and memorabilia
Movies, DVDs and Blu-Rays

Cleaning supplies, mop, broom, bucket, etc.
Bathroom cabinet/supplies/towels

Gift certificates and gift cards
Airplane miles
Drywall, carpet, building materials

Human Resources

Cleaning crew
Construction/carpet layers
Graphic design artists
Web developer
Information technology specialist

Teachers/instructors in the following areas: directors, screenwriters, producers, editors, director of photography, production managers, camera operators, actors

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