Friday, February 10, 2012

Can We Impact the Masses through Media?

As you may know, a major prayer and worship event is scheduled to take place on March 15, 2012, in Los Angeles, California. The Cry Hollywood is billed as a day of fasting, prayer and worship aimed at the entertainment industry based in the Los Angeles area. The event will be held at the Gibson Amphitheater which is located at University Studios.

The organizers believe that we can impact our culture through mass media and entertainment. Director Faytene Grasseschi states “this is a cry for God to move with his love and power in entertainment media in a way that will impact the masses”. Grasseschi believes that the key is prayer, and by praying we can release God’s blessing for Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

There’s no question we need prayer, and it’s always a good thing when God’s people gather to pray for His intervention. The Cry for Hollywood may very well be the largest gathering of Christians who have ever assembled to pray for the entertainment industry.

But I do have a question. What happens the next day and the day after that? Is there a plan, an ongoing effort? I hope nobody takes this the wrong way. But one thing that the body of Christ does very well is supporting major events. But if everyone goes home and settles back into their normal routine, will anything really have been accomplished?

Changing the course of media and reaching the people who work in the entertainment industry is a long-term project. The battle will be won in the trenches. No one likes to fight in the trenches because it is difficult, sometimes bloody and, frankly, challenging. But there can be no victory unless we are willing to fully engage in the battle.

I believe God has been at work in Hollywood and the entertainment industry since the very beginning. You can find his love and power present if you know where to look. All he asks of us is to join him in his work.

Media Missionary School is committed to the long haul. We believe prayer must be continuous and daily. We need millions of Christians praying on an ongoing basis for both Christians who work in media and entertainment and for nonbelievers so they will come to know Christ as their Savior. The way this work will be accomplished is through raising up, equipping, training, and supporting future media professionals who will think, work and function as missionaries.

The real battle will not necessarily be fought in Hollywood but at the local church level. When we start to support our young people and help them in their vision as media missionaries, then we will be answering the call and God’s invitation to join him in his work. I firmly believe we cannot change the media or redeem Hollywood unless we first as the Body of Christ are willing to look at how media and the media culture have impacted our lives.

Let’s join in and support the work of The Cry Hollywood. But, at the same time, let’s not forget what must happen tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that. It will be a long-term commitment that will bring about real change in our culture.

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