Friday, February 3, 2012

The Media Missionary’s Journey

Coming soon from the writer of the Red Pill : The Cure For Today's Mass Media Culture a new book from Harold Hay

The Media Missionary’s Journey: A Roadmap for Spiritual and Commercial Success is a must read for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the film, TV or media industries. Is it possible to attain both commercial and spiritual success working in the mainstream media and entertainment industry? This book makes the case that not only is this possible, but it is essential for fulfilling the Great Commission and being a witness for Christ.

The Media Missionary’s Journey offers practical, down-to-earth solutions on every aspect involved in a career in the media industry. Do I need to go to film school? How do I prepare now for a career in the entertainment industry? Where do I find a job and how? How do I make a low-budget independent feature? What’s the difference between a Christian film and a redemptive film? What is the role and purpose of a media missionary? These are just a few of the questions that the Media Missionary’s Roadmap tackles head-on.

The Media Missionary’s Journey is an in-depth look into the preparation of the messenger and the message. If we are going to redeem culture and change the direction of society, it will be through the use of visual image and visual storytelling. Understanding the power of media and how it can be used is a critical first step on your journey to becoming a media professional who thinks, works and functions as a missionary. The Media Missionary’s Journey is the most complete and comprehensive guidebook that has ever been written. It outlines a strategy based on spiritual and Biblical principles that will prepare you in your calling to use media and entertainment to engage our culture.

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