Friday, February 24, 2012

The Road Map to Success

Finding a Road Map for Success in Hollywood is about learning to fully embrace a missional lifestyle. We all are called to be missionaries and reach the people around us whether we’re a plumber, electrician, an accountant, etc. For the media missionary, our mission field is media, TV and film. We’re called to go there and reach the people. It’s always going to be about reaching the people first and creating the product second.

Industry insiders tell me that 10,000 new people arrive each month in Hollywood looking to break into the industry. They also tell me that approximately 10,000 people also leave every month broken and disillusioned. Somewhere in those numbers are 200 individuals who believe they have been called to go to Hollywood and transform the industry. Those Christians who work in various ministries in the industry also tell me that less than 10% have a real chance to make it in the business. Those are sad numbers. So what can you do to improve your chances? How can you have success in Hollywood both professionally and spiritually?

First, you must have a solid relationship with God. If you don’t, the media industry, especially Hollywood, will chew you up and spit you out. If you don’t know who you are in Christ, don’t ever consider pursuing a career in mainstream media. If your relationship with Christ is close and personal, you will know without any doubt if you have been called to Hollywood to pursue a career in media. Don’t move on unless this is crystal clear. A strong relationship with God will also lead you to seek fellowship and support groups who can help you in your spiritual and career development. I’ve talked to a lot of Christians who thought they could make it on there own. We all need help. There are Christians who work in Hollywood who can help and support you.

Second, you must love the people in this industry. People who work in entertainment and media whether in Hollywood or any other town, quite frankly, are different. Artists often don’t fit into the mainstream model. They are a different breed. More often, they will be more liberal in their views on politics, lifestyle choices, philosophy, and religion. You won’t find many Christians working in Hollywood and the mainstream entertainment industry. You will undoubtedly be a minority. They will talk differently, react differently and will be self-centered. Can you deal with that?

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