Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shooting this Summer : The Spiral

Shooting this summer a new film from Christine and David Eaton. Produced by Harold Hay

A family is riveted by the loss of their 18 year old son to suicide. The Spangler family is a normal, busy, athletic, upper middle class family. The dilemma is that the oldest son, Peter, is completely disengaged from family, school, friends; except for his one "hold true" passion...his love of music. While Peter suffers in silence with depression, his parents, Michael and Robin are unaware of the disconnect that perpetuates causing Peter to feel continuous isolation. Peter eventually finds a sense of  belonging with the wrong crowd of kids exposing him to an intense dark drug world. This costly decision severely compounds Peter’s spiral of depression which ultimately has a disastrous result.

As the family grieves their unfathomable loss and attempt to move forward, Michael becomes consumed with finding who he believes is responsible for his sons’ death. His obsession strains the relationship with Robin and pushes Michael to the stressful brink where his faith, his family and his life is questioned and tested. Ultimately, the parents come to grips with a discovery soon after their son's death. This tragic journey ultimately leads to understanding that where there is hope, there is strength for tomorrow .

The film culminates with a fiery call to action to start breaking down the the stigma of suicide. This engaging message is intended to empower the audience to save and impact lives by looking for the warning signs of suicide and being proactive by gaining knowledge and taking action to help. Our aim to to take the "mess" of suicide and make it a message of hope through God's unfailing love. Suicide MUST be stopped, the stigma MUST be lifted...ONE MORE LIFE LOST IS ONE TOO MANY!

We Need Volunteers!

A massive volunteer effort will be required by many individuals to make this production a success. We are seeking assistance from members of our Epiphany congregation, as well as the local community and other church's for anyone who has it on their heart to be a part of this impactful project that will be an avenue of blessing to those who need to know about God's unfailing love. You do not have to have prior film experience; HOWEVER, a willing heart and belief in our team values is a must!

During this production process, we are also asking local business’s for assistance in providing products & services (food, printing needs, logo wear, etc...*Promotional consideration will be absolutely granted!). If you think your business would be resourceful for this project, please contact us and let us know what you're thinking!

A professional production crew has been secured for this movie. If you are interested in trying out for a character role or hoping to fulfill your dream of always being an extra, there will be an audition & selection process coming up in the near future. Our upcoming events page will keep you updated on the pre-production schedule including audition dates and the like.

ANY & ALL VOLUNTEERS ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS THE DIRECTOR in making this movie happen and is a positive in our budgeting area! If you have specific experience in a certain area(even if not mentioned below) PLEASE  let us know. If you do not have experience, that’s OK

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